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Contemporary artist Deladier Almeida (b. 1961) is known for abstract, semi-realist landscape, still life and portrait painting.

Deladier Almeida started sketching in his native country, Brazil, when he was just five years old and created portraits that seemed beyond his years. When he got older, he worked at a São Paolo newspaper creating portraits of international heads of state.

In 1985, Deladier moved to the United States where he attended UC Davis and began studying art more intensely. It was there that he met renowned artists Wayne Thiebaud, Roland Petersen and Roy De Forest, all of whom had an influence on the aspiring artist.

Working quickly, with a rich palette and an emphasis on improvised brushwork, Deladier Almeida infuses vitality into each of his subjects, and his paintings are alive with texture and movement.

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