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Franz Bischoff

Franz Bischoff was born in Austria, where he studied at a crafts school, specializing in painting and porcelain. Emigrating to the United States in 1885, Bischoff worked in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, ultimately setting up Bischoff Schools of Ceramic Art in New York and Dearborn, Michigan. Arriving in Pasadena in 1908, Bischoff established a home and studio along the Arroyo, bringing with him a reputation as one of the finest porcelain artists in America. Once in California, Bischoff turned his attentions to landscape painting. His best known landscape subjects are of the Arroyo near his home, California wildflowers, and the Monterey Peninsula. He is also remembered as one of the most important painters of floral still lifes and was referred to as “King of the Rose Painters”, along with another important artist who was also celebrated for his delicate floral watercolors, Paul de Longpre.

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