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We purchase paintings by the following artists.

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Please note that our galleries only purchase and display original paintings. NO PRINTS PLEASE! - except Gustave Baumann original woodblock prints and etchings by Gene Kloss. 


Anderson, Guy 
Adams, Charles Partridge 
Aguinaldo, Lee 
Alcuaz, Federico
Almeida, Deladier 
Amorsolo, Fernando


Barnum, Robert L. 
Baumann, Gustave 
Ben Lao, Lian 
Berninghaus, Oscar 
Blumenschein, Ernest 
Botke, Jessie Arms 
Braun, Maurice 
Bredin, Rae Sloan 
Brown, Benjamin


Callahan, Kenneth 
Chann, George 
Chittenden, Alice 
Clapp, William 
Clark, Alson 
Cone, Marvin 
Cooper, Colin Campbell 
Couse, E. Irving 
Cuneo, Rinaldo


Delano, Gerard 
de Longpre, Paul 
Di Cavalcanti 
Dixon, Maynard 
Do Amaral, Tarsila 
Dougherty, Paul 
Dunton, Herbert "Buck"


Farny, Henry F. 
Fechin, Nicolai 
Fetherolf, James
Flint, Sir William Russell
Fortune, E. Charlton 
Frost, John


Gamble, John 
Gaspard, Leon 
Gay, August 
Gile, Selden 
Gilkey, Richard 
Goeldi, Oswaldo 
Gray, Percy 
Graves, Morris


Hansen, Armin 
Hartung, Hans 
Helder, Zama Vanessa 
Hennings, E. Martin 
Hill, Thomas
Hills, Anna
Horiuchi, Paul 
Hulings, Clark 
Hunt, Thomas 
Hunter, IsabelI


Jackson, William F. 
Jenkins, Paul 
Joya, Jose T.


Keith, William 
Kenney, Leo 
Kiukok, Ang 
Klein, Michael 
Kleitsch, Joseph 
Kloss, Gene 
Kondos, Gregory 
Kosa, Emil


Lee, Wesley Duke 
Leigh, William 
Liu, Kuosung 
Luz, Arturo


Magsaysay-Ho, Anita 
Manansala, Vicente 
Mannheim, Jean 
Martin, Agnes Bernice 
Martinez, Alfredo Ramos 
Mathews, Arthur 
Mathews, Lucia 
McCloskey, William 
McComas, Francis 
McCormick, Evelyn 
Mell, Ed 
Mitchell, Alfred 
Montoya, Gustavo 
Moran, Thomas


Nelson, R. Kenton 
Ossorio, Alfonso


Pages, Jules 
Park, Su-Geun 
Park, Soo-Keun 
Payne, Edgar 
Pena, Alfonso X 
Peters, Charles Rollo 
Phillips, Bert Geer 
Pho, Le 
Portinari, Candido 
Price, C. S. 
Procter, Burt 
Puthuff, Hanson


Redmond, Granville 
Refregier, Anton 
Richardson, Mary Curtis 
Rider, A.G. 
Ritschel, William 
Rose, Guy 
Rungius, Carl


Sample, Paul 
Sandzen, Birger 
Santos, Mauro Malang 
Segall, Lasar 
Sexton, Lloyd 
Sharp, Joseph Henry 
Shreyvogel, Charles 
Smith, Jack Wilkinson 
Sparks, Will 
Staprans, Raimonds 
Sudjojono, Sindudarsono


Tabuena, Romeo 
Taggart, George H. 
Tavernier, Jules 
Teague, Donald 
Teichert, Minerva 
Thiebaud, Wayne 
Tobey, Mark


Ufer, Walter


Wachtel, Elmer 
Wachtel, Marion Kavanaugh 
Weaver, Buck 
White, Edith 
White, Orrin 
Widforss, Gunnar 
Williams, Elizabeth


Yuan, S. C.


Zao, Wou-Ki 
Zobel, Fernando

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Please note that our galleries only purchase and display original paintings. NO PRINTS PLEASE! - except Gustave Baumann woodblock prints and Gene Kloss etchings